Lists of 7



  1. Guard the story of the destruction of Gush Katif. BANISHED gives the reader a multifaceted view of the Disengagement experience in understandable format.
  2. Hamper future deeds by the perpetrators of the destruction of Gush Katif by keeping the memory of Gush Katif from fading.
  3. Experience highlights of an authentic settler lifestyle.
  4. Realize the danger of being unfairly vilified by the media.
  5. Understand the day to day relationships of Jews and Arabs in the Holy Land.
  6. Increase awareness of the danger and evil of the UN’s approach to so-called Palestinians.
  7. Recognize the steps to perfidy and how soldiers were transformed into Disengagement Zombies.





  1. BANISHED readers experience a Friday night in Gush Katif with a local family, their neighbors and their guests from Yerushalaim.
  2. BANISHED characters experience a touch of romance. Everyone enjoys romance that goes through separation and reunion in unusual circumstances.
  3.  Although the end of the story is known, there is a natural suspense as the opposing sides position themselves strategically. BANISHED describes small victories that are won by the humble victims of a powerful government operation.
  4. BANISHED reveals the secret of how a rabbi manages to enter Gush Katif after all known routes have been sealed.
  5. BANISHED peeks inside the world known as ‘ultra religious’ to find strength, determination and wisdom.
  6. BANISHED takes readers beyond Gush Katif – into scenes in the Samarian towns of Tapuach and Yitzhar and Itamar.
  7. The characters in BANISHED go through changes as they experience the Disengagement Plan. Some of them change for the better. Hope – like a small flame in a dark room – is a joy.


SEVEN readers who will NOT LIKE reading BANISHED: Historical Novel


  1. People who have studied only a small fraction of Theodor Herzl’s writings and think they know it all and consider Herzl to be a great hero of the Jews.
  2. People who do not like the little boy who shouted the King is not wearing any clothes. They want to believe that the government in the Land of Israel knows what is best and acts in the best interest of its citizens. Even if they cannot see this phenomenon with their eyes and understanding – they still want to believe it is happening.
  3. People who do not want to let go of the myth of the existence of an Arab nation called Palestine, made up of people called Palestinians, located on historically Jewish land.
  4. People who believe an abused wife should keep the abuse a secret. They think citizens who are abused by the government should not publicize the government’s faults because it embarrasses the country in front of the nations of the world.
  5. People who will recognize characters in the book – specifically the evil characters – and identify with them.
  6. People who are afraid to face what the the Rebbe taught about the Land of Israel.
  7. People who have been trained by the media to hate settlers, but really know nothing about an authentic settler lifestyle. BANISHED will threaten the point of view that they and their friends are comfortable with. It would be embarrassing to admit fault and be the only one to do so… until the others read BANISHED.