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Presented here is the video of highlights of the launching ceremony at the Gush Katif Museum in Yerushalaim.

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As well as being a novel – BANISHED is really a history book. I pray that it will become ancient history in the very near future when we no longer have to deal with disengagements, expulsions and banishment… as we enjoy a new era with our Righteous Redeemer – Moshiach NOW

BANISHED – Synopsis

BANISHED – Synopsis
In the summer of 2005, an operation known as the Disengagement Plan sent Jewish soldiers to evacuate and destroy more than twenty Jewish towns in the Gaza Strip. Through fictional characters, BANISHED is the first literary work that examines the lives of the operatives and victims of the Disengagement Plan, stretching in time from just before the Plan is made public until a few months after its implementation. An elusive force of evil, characterized by the offshore master named Flacshe, compels the Prime Minister, his assistant Dean, their operative Yigal, and the successful but frustrated social climber Limrod, to form the team that plans  Continue reading

EXCERPT….The Disengagement was not an end in itself

The following quote is near the middle of BANISHED. I feel it is a pivotal paragraph in the story. It speaks about the essence of why it is important to save Gush Katif and make sure no more land is abdicated in the future. This except takes place in Yitzhar, near the site of the picture below with me standing with Yossi Pilant, the first soldier to be arrested and sentenced to four weeks in jail, for refusing orders in the pre-Disengagement days.

The Disengagement was not an end in itself. It was a component in the process of establishing an Arab state – which would include the hilltop where Gilad stood. The tiny Jewish state is one eight hundredth the size of the twenty Arab countries that surround it. Regarded as a pebble in their collective sandal. Why do they need another state? One that would not be self sufficient? If not to rid themselves of that pebble. A new Arab state, established in the midst of the Jewish homeland – a land that was never home to the so-called Palestinian people

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EXCERPT… By now there was a back-up police

By now there was a back-up police car that had come up on the shoulder of the highway. The car doors were opening. Shimon was still pinning the cop to the pavement. “Here’s a present for grabbing the girl by her hair,” he said. Then he pushed with his knee until he could hear the crunch of ribs. The cop attempted to scream – but the pain was too great. Shimon quickly picked up his hat that had fallen and ran towards the highway barrier. He cleared it and headed into a wooded area where he hoped to be out of sight. Two cops rushed out from the back-up car Continue reading